Pass Me Your Love

Onos is at Rukevwe's gate. Direct Onos to where Rukevwe throws her heart and her kisses. Avoid the dog and bird poo. Catch as many hearts as you can and win a Kiss from Rukevwe!!

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Get Game Ranking - Once you are logged-in and submit your game scores, we will inform you of how you rank with other players on the platform. The ranks available include; Chairman, Expert, Intermediate, Learner, Newcomer. Chairman is the highest.
Challenge Your Friends or Enemies - You can search for another registered player to enter a timed challenge over an agreed amount of token. You could also input the email address of a friend that is not signed-up with KULUYA and we'll inform him/her of the challenge. The amount you can stake is unlimited. WINNER TAKES ALL!!
Play Tournaments - In tournaments, you get to compete against random players in your skill level or having the same rank with you. You stake a recommended amount of token and winner takes all.

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