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Once you login or sign up on you get to enjoy the following functionalities:
Get Game Ranking - Once you are logged-in and submit your game scores, we will inform you of how you rank with other players on the platform. The ranks available include; Chairman, Expert, Intermediate, Learner, Newcomer. Chairman is the highest.
Challenge Your Friends or Enemies - You can search for another registered player to enter a timed challenge over an agreed amount of Token. You could also input the email address of a friend that is not signed-up with KULUYA and we'll inform him/her of the challenge. The amount you can stake is unlimited. WINNER TAKES ALL!!
Play Tournaments - In tournaments, you get to compete against random players in your skill level or having the same rank with you. You stake a recommended amount of token and winner takes all.

General help information.

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What is a CHALLENGE?

This is when you call-up another registered player to enter a timed duo over an agreed amount of Token. You could search for a challenger by typing a user’s ID or email address in the search bar below to participate in a tournament with that user.


The game rank icons are icons that display your current grade status in a game you have participated in. The available grades are: Chairman, Expert, Intermediate, Learner, Newcomer. Chairman is the highest.


This is the Unit of currency used for playing and paying or winning prize value. This is what is deducted if you participate in any challenge/tournament. Currently a token is equvallent to NGN1 (One Naira). This is subject to change.


A tournament is where you get to compete against random players in your skill level or having the same rank with you. You stake a recommended amount of token and winner takes all.


These are the top players in a particular game. They are arranged with regards to the highest players in this game, according to their ranking.


This shows the price at stake in a given tournament if you win, you win it and gain your token you staked. If you loose, you loose all!


This is you and the user you are about to play against in acompetition or a tournament


Click on this to participate in this tournament. 100 token will be deducted from your account.

Frequently Asked Question


1. Can I play for free?

ANS » Yes you can. But will not have the privilege of a registered user until you Sign up. And signing up is free. You will be given a free number of token.


2. How do I withdraw money from my account?

ANS » For now we do online banking transfer through interswitch. Other Modes of cashing in would be introduced soon.

3. Is there a fee for making a withdrawal?

ANS » Yes there is. When you want to cash in, we transfer to your bank account. Transfer fee is NGN100 (One Hundred Nigerian Naira). And you can only do this if in doing so would have a minimum balance of NGN1000 in your Kuluya account.

PLEASE NOTE: Theses figures are subject to change


4. I'm having trouble with freezing, lagging, and slowness while playing. Is there anything I can do?

ANS » Check your internet connection and see if any other application is running and also reduce the number of pages opened if much. has been deployed to work on any OS and browsers.


5. How do I check my Account Statement?

ANS » This is located in the Profile icon at the top, center of the page. Use it to make any change and or view the history of your account.


6. How do I get Tokens?

ANS » When you register in, you are given a free amount of token to play. You can also buy tokens to add to the initially given token.

7. How do I increase my tokens?

1. By buying via online banking through our portal.

2. By playing and wining in a tournament.

3. By challenging another user and WINNING!

8. How do I get Challenge?

ANS » We have two scenarios:

1. If you have the details of the user you intend challenging, type the information in the challenge search box and it will call the user for a challenge.

2. If you don’t know the name of the user, type the suggested name and we would show names relating to that. If you are sure of the name and the email but it is not in our database, we would send an invite to them to join for the challenge you initiated.


9. How would you know if you have been challenged?

ANS » You will be notified via your registered email address. But if you registered in with your Facebook account, we would send the challenge information to the email you use to register your Facebook account.


10. Is it compulsory to accept a challenge?

ANS » No it is not compulsory, but every challenge has a number of hours on stay. If you change your mind, you can accept within the time frame.


11. Can I open a multiple account?

ANS » Yes you can for now, but it have to be with a different email address each. And you cannot transfer tokens to another account.


12. Can I install the games on in my phone and laptop?

ANS » NO it cannot be done right now but we are working on it. We have some mobile apps but not listed here.


13. How would you know the highest score in a particular game before challenging?

ANS » You would not be told the score of the one you intend challenging, but you can make a challenge based on who you think is the highest in the game.